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Considering radical changes in the financial industry connected with global introduction of blockchain technology ( including cross-border payment and digital exchanges ), modern businesses are in serious need of adapting this transformation to their niche. Since the range of blockchain applications and directions are uncountable, each unique business case requires an individual approach to implementing blockchain solutions to drive up utility value and protocol in this fast-changing world.

At Advance Worldtech, our mission is to assist and consult businesses during their blockchain transformation, increasing efficiency of the organizational business processes and reducing existing costs. We know how to leverage the blockchain technology in a particular industry based on specific client requirements, improving speed, scalability, security, and cost efficiency indicators.







Our multidirectional teams will accompany you during the entire blockchainization, starting from business analysis and counseling, and ending with development and integration of customized blockchain solutions in business logic, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and digital assets with wide storage capabilities. You’re guaranteed to get a ready product meeting all the existing laws of a relevant country and payment regulations.

We pay special attention to the business necessity of working efficiently on the network no matter which transaction system we deal with, based on FIAT money or cryptocurrency. Our team has successfully delivered and continues to develop numerous business protocols and legitimate digital asset exchanges intended for global trade. Financial institutions, commercial and corporate enterprises, airlines, real estates, agricultural, infrastructure construction, renewable energy sectors, first aid, travel industrial, and world government projects have already experienced the possibility of network trading using our blockchain solutions. In case you have any issues related to inter-connected banks and cross-border payment, our team will support you in resolving them, thereby allowing banks to improve their working processes and reduce costs.

Our competence isn’t limited to development of industrial applications powered by Blockchain Technology and resolution of payment problems.  We work with the major asset types, such as stocks, bonds, Real Estates. REIT fund, commodity backed product, and derivatives.



Blockchain Solutions We Offer


  • Environmental protection

Our company strives to improve environmental protection due to climate change by enabling the integration of IoT devices with peer-to-peer resilience for smart green factories, smart renewable energy grids for smart cities, and many other things. Nowadays, the environment suffers huge changes due to harmful emissions and other dangerous factors. That’s why our team uses innovative technologies to change and improve the current situation.

  • Digital asset exchanges

We try to revolutionize or customize digital asset exchanges for existing businesses and big companies and also expedite mass adoption of digital assets.

  • Minimize financial risks

Blockchain can reduce inefficiency in global trade and finance. This technology greatly simplifies not only trading stocks but also in other securities by speeding up processes, increasing the traceability of their origin, and facilitating the availability of records.

  • Transparency of transactions

Blockchain is anti-fraud and eliminates central failure points. It provides full transparency of permission transactions with a secured integration of hedge pool smart contracts. The technology is able to track and monitor in real time any movement and operation and block suspicious or abnormal movements.

  • Brand trust

All existing businesses get a win-win solution. Using blockchain, they can build more trust in their brand by storing information about products or services in the blockchain which cannot be edited or deleted.

  • Corruption and control

Blockchain is able to greatly reduce hyperinflation and financial corruption within the country. Due to complex data protection, scammers will not be able to forge information or steal valuable data.

  • Implementation of national infrastructure projects without burdening the government treasury

Blockchain will help buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, give suppliers visibility on global tenders and customer base. It gives investors real-time visibility on their investments using digitization and IoT integration of their assets.

  • Minimize the inequality of poverty

Blockchain can help make a worldwide peer-to-peer blockchain organization, where everyone around the world has an equal opportunity to create value and they are rewarded fairly for their contributions.

  • Bond tokenization and benefits

Tokenization means one’s ownership is recorded on the blockchain, be it a private or a public blockchain. The fundamentals of stocks and bonds may remain intact, but the person can conduct experiments of hybrid securities.

  • Interoperable for international banks

Interoperability in payment systems can produce cost efficiencies and enable superior risk management.

  • Provide APIs and liquidation .                                                                                                        Integration of global eWallet payment systems.

To get your project started, please email details enquiry at mona@advanceworldtech.com